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Sushi Robot

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  • South Korea South Korea
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Sushi Robot


SDM-2004S (Auto Stop Type)

A function to regulate the strength of sushi is added, so you can make sushi with your desired pressure.

  • Major Clients
    - Hotel, department store, wedding hall, buffet, Japanese restaurant, national highway and expressway rest area, sushi specialty store, discount mart, etc.

Sushi maker
Various shapes of cooked rice molders
(Moldable up to 16g~22g, but other products shall be determined after consultation)


 editorimg Application for Patent
The part for making a shape uses components of special material to which cooked rice doesn't stick much, so there is less sticking of cooked rice.
 editorimg Application for Patent
The rake and left/right sides of the part feeding cooked rice uses a special material. not a coated one, to supplement the disadvantage of peeling-off when using the existing coated products.
In addition, this is fabricated so that even soaking the whole body in water doesn't corroed its inside and outside, doesn't corroed the inside gear and chain, and doesn't let lubricants flow out, so this can be soaked in and washed with warm water.
 editorimg Molding mold & toothed roller
The molding mold and toothed roller are made to be simply separated to be convenient for washing.
You can select a molding mold for 16, 18, 20, 22g by weights, and for 4.5, 5cm by lengths(length of sushi grain).
 editorimg Speed regulation & pressure regulation device
The production speed can be regulated, and the hardness of rice binding when molding sushi grains can be regulated.
 editorimg Turn Table
The part through whice cooked rice comes out is made of a disk turn table type to be semi-eternally used without replacement compared to an existing belt type(replacement type).
 editorimg Auto stop
With attachment of a sensing device, leaving sushi grains in the molder as it is stops the machine automatically.